Ways To Promote Charity Events

When promoting charity events the art is to not spend too much money. Any charity event is about raising as much money as you can for the specific charity, so how you go about promoting is as important as the event itself.

The Internet

Your first promotional stop should be the internet. The internet is filled with the ability to advertise for free. Social media sites are the best way to get the word out and for each person you reach, they can pass the message on to more and before you know it your charity event is known by thousands of people in your specific area.

As with any business, your charity should have it’s own Facebook page, a page where you can keep people up to date with developments and let them know about events, inviting them and getting the word out for free.

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Many companies and newspapers will let you advertise for free if it is for charity. You can speak to your local supermarket and see if you can place some flyers on their noticeboard or you can arrange for a volunteer to go and drop leaflets through letterboxes in the immediate area.

When you advertise your charity you are not promoting dog coats or asking the person to buy kratom, your leaflet is informative and makes them aware of any event that is taking place in their area. If they wish to support the charity they can contact you or arrive at the event.

Operate a Desk

Many people are willing to assist when it comes to charity, they are willing to help out wherever possible as a volunteer, which means you can use them for free. You can use them to stand outside your local shopping center and hand out flyers or advise passers by about the event taking place. Ask if you can put up a stand and they can collect funds for the charity while they spread the word about the event.

Another option is to get someone to man the phones, make phone calls to top companies in the area and ask for donations. While this may cost you a phone bill, you can get excellent donations in this way. Be sure to tell them you are not phoning about a reclaim PPI or trust deed and that you are in fact trying to raise funds for a specific charity.

While some companies will not donate cash they will donate a meal for two or a wine box set, things you can use at your event as a raffle, an easy way to raise money for the charity without the major expense.

There are so many great and easy ways to promote a charity event. If you can use a computer and phone then you are on your way, all you need to do is get some marketing ability under your belt and sweet talk your way to success.