Time Calls For The Independent Women Of The World

Independence Day always tends to make us think far beyond what occurred on July 4, 1776, when those awesome land-owning bright men in Philadelphia did not “remember the ladies” or outlaw captivity. Hundreds of years later, after bravery, effort, and, unfortunately, the deaths, “life, freedom, and the search of happiness” is believed to be implemented to all. Given these facts, we cannot set aside the role of females in the attainment of our freedom that we celebrate every 4th of July. This concept leads us to the appreciation of women and the celebration of the different rights that were given to them as independent citizens of the country.

In terms of financial freedom, most females were more or less taught by the society that they need a man who can provide for them financially. First, it is odd because women can also work for themselves and second, it is not fair for men. Even in marriage, men should not be the only ones to search for jobs because what if something happens to the husband, how can the wife survive? According to statistics, mortality of women is higher than that of men. It is only practical to educate women about the benefits of saving for themselves and for her family in order to prepare for the future.

Another money matter includes obtaining the economical freedom of a person’s offspring. Many mothers and fathers work hard in order to provide a down payment for a house or save funds for home remodeling. This way, they can invest for a place that they can leave to their children in case they need to retire. Aside from this, they also have to provide for education plans, life insurance quotes, day-to-day expenses and also a retirement plan for them like putting up a business. There is nothing more fulfilling than making all these possible for our family without worrying every payday.

In connection with this, entrepreneurial independence is one that can be enjoyed by most women nowadays. More women start up a business and rule their own companies. Some are even more successful than men. They can be very business minded and like housewives, budgeting is their forte. No matter how small the fund is, they tend to make a way to make it sufficient.

The good news is, there are some organizations like KIVA that lends micro loans to women in order for them to start a business. Over the years, it has transformed the way society sees women. Just imagine how far US dollars can go when used wisely. KIVA’s priority is to make women more successful because those people do not only invest to make their businesses larger or to contribute positively to the community but also, they strive hard to make a bright future for their families.

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One kind of independence that women forget and should also learn to value is the medical independence. When was the last time that a woman responded to a dentist marketing? Problem is, most women think about the medical needs of their family members before theirs. They make sure that everyone is healthy that sometimes they fail to notice that they, too, are in need of medical attention because everybody coming to an age gets weaker and weaker especially those that are too much workaholic.

Women are also entitled to artistic independence. Whether she is a teacher who spends a day dealing with naughty students or a computer programmer who visit domain to fix technical problems, she has the right to a freedom of expression and artistic outlet. Many of us forget to exercise and enhance our talents because we are too preoccupied with our current jobs. This should not be the case because there is so much more about us that the world has yet to see.