Kiva’s $25 Free Giveaway Promotion

Kiva is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people fight poverty through lending. With Kiva, even the most remote places in the world can have the opportunities for themselves as they are provided with the right resources. They help people attain their hope for a better future. They also help people use their God-given talent in order to be successful in life. They serve as a fuel that helps and drives every person do what their mind desires.

Kiva for is the best because the charity is so personal. When you donate money to the said charity, you can even select the person you donate the money for. You will then be updated with the recipient’s name, the country they live in and how they benefited from the money. For example, you like foods; you can then lend the money to an individual who is starting a food business. If on the other hand you have a favourite place like Belize, you can then donate the money to a person who can invest in a property in Belize. You can consider different factors such as gender, country, or anything that has a connection with you whether by education, culture, housing and arts.

The recipient of the $25 Kiva card give away will be notified through email. You don’t have to get an information technology degree online just to access all the information that can give you the loan. All you have to do is access your email account. You can then get the money through your bank account through fund transfer, no online MBA finance necessary.

The receiver of the donation can use the money in whatever ways they wanted. They can use it to enrol on a project management degree online or perhaps an msw online degree. They can even use the money to unlock HTC phone, buy Hersolution products or may be buy clothes for their favorite labrador retriever. It gives the receiver an excellent opportunity to invest in the things he likes and the things that would make him happy.

The purpose of this giveaway is to promote Kiva as an organization that gives back to their customers and clients, not just their sponsored charities. They want people to know that as their organization receives its success, they want the people who patronize their services get a share of that success. They know that without the help and support from their borrowers, they would not have helped those charity organizations. By giving a small give away promotion for their clients, they are building a good relationship with them and therefore have more chance that they would come back for their service. Kiva is an organization that maintains a business that thinks of their clients first, more than anything else.