Marketing charity events; a modern approach

Organizing charity events may seem like an easy task; after all it is pretty much like organizing and promoting a regular event, right? You might be thinking that way but in reality, charity events are an entirely different kind of event management. Organizing them is hard enough, marketing them is harder. You see, if a charity event is marketed in the wrong way, it can be misunderstood in terms of its purpose as a result of which, the event can be a complete failure. In order to be able to understand the sensitivity of such events, special care needs to be taken while marketing them. That is exactly what this post will be covering today; ways in which you can market charity events successfully.

Social Networking websites:

It is important to understand that while marketing a charity event, you need to be very careful about the budget otherwise the event just loses its purpose. Social media marketing, therefore, is an extremely useful source of marketing. Usually it costs almost nothing to promote your event on a social media website and the message even becomes viral! Make a video and encourage viewers to play it now and see the kind of results you get on the social media! You will be able to do a great job in very little time!

Press Releases:

Okay so there may be times when the social media may not be that efficient. You see, at times people just may not be interested in your message. For instance, a person trying to buy youtube views may not be in the mood to look at a video you have made or a message you share. That is why press releases are important. They basically inform a larger number of people via both print and electronic media about your event. It is essential that you identify the body responsible for the delivery of press releases to the media and get in touch with such bodies. Press releases also keep your audience aware of what exactly it is that is going on regarding the event; both before and after!


If you have a good number of sponsors, there will be no difficulty in making sure that you get publicity. While trying to market a charity event, make sure that you get sufficient media sponsors as well so that there is enough publicity and many people know about your event!

Guest appearances:

There are a number of different celebrities who will be more than willing to help you out with your marketing campaign when it comes to a charity event. For this purpose, what you need to do is first make a list of potential celebrities then ask them to help you out with the campaign. However, you need to make sure that these appearances do not offend any group or the event can suffer greatly.

Marketing a charity event has its share of hardships, however, if done so in an organized manner, believe me, the overall experience can be something worth remembering in the future!