Charity Organizations in US

There are plenty of charity organizations in the US and finding a suitable organization that you can work with to support your philanthropic efforts can sometimes be a daunting and confusing task. Thankfully, there are ways to identify which organizations are rated as “Outstanding” in their efforts to pursue their chosen and mandate and not waste your donations towards buying skin moisturizer for its officers.

The organization Charity Watch,which is an arm of the American Institute of Philanthropy,has a comprehensive listing of charity organizations in the US and has developed a great system for rating each charity.The organization looks at how much of these charities’ budgets are spent on actual programs, how much they spend to raise $100 in public support, the amount of assets held in reserve, and their openness towards full financial disclosure and scrutiny. Here are some of the most well-known US charity organizations that are rated highly by Charity Watch to help you find a maç izle to partner with your efforts for helping out.

  • Animal Welfare Institute. This charity has been in existence since 1951 and has been a vocal supporter of animal rights and an active player in ensuring that animals get better treatment whether in the home, farm, commerce, in the wild, or in the laboratory. This is a very hot topic in society today as animal activists rev up their efforts to promote animal rights. If you are one of those with a “get it now” mentality for animal welfare, the Animal Welfare Institute is one of the best organizations to work with on this front.
  • Child Find of America. America has a serious problem with missing children and Child Find is leading the charge to prevent and resolve cases of child abduction that tear families apart. Child Find is a non-profit organization and offers support in the areas of free investigation and location services, free kidnapping prevention programs, free referral and support services, and free mediation services for parental abduction cases. As one of the hot topics in education, child care and protection earns Child Find a prized role in ensuring the safety and security of children across the country.
  • The Conservation Fund. As the debate on global warming escalates with each passing weather disaster, the role of The Conservation Fund in promoting the preservation of environmental resources becomes more evident. There is no denying that environmental problems are the bulging discs to the world’s aching back and there is plenty of value with donating to an organization that prides itself in fighting for the preservation and welfare of Mother Earth.
  • Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. There are plenty of health issues that need attention and the debate spans a huge array of talking points from electronic cigarette reviews to obesity and weight management but the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research draws value from the fact that its founder, Michael J Fox, is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is a debilitating genetic condition not dissimilar to Alzheimer’s and its alarming increase merits serious attention from the medical industry.

There are plenty of opportunities to help those who are in need and charity organizations offer tremendous opportunities in extending assistance where needed. See which of these charity organizations and the hundreds of others match with your vision and goals for helping so you can work with, and donate to, the charity organization that will help you realize your vision in your chosen field of philanthropy.